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Nicholas McCarthy Daily

Your daily dose of sexy schnitzel.

i have a pear, y'see
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nicholas_daily is a community dedicated to images of everyone's favourite saucy schnitzel, Nicholas Augustine McCarthy, the guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist of Franz Ferdinand.

Le Rules!

1. All posts must contain a photo of Nick. The other band members can be in the photo, but there must be a healthy portion of schnitzel present.
2. Please respect your fellow members by refraining from hotlinking and uploading pictures to another server. Some useful sites, if you don't have a server, are Photobucket, ImageShack or TinyPic, just to name a few.
3. Large photos should be thumbnailed or placed behind a cut, so you don't kill us all.
4. No "to make this legal" posts. This means, don't post your fic, or pimp your community, and add a picture to the post so it abides by the community rules.
5. We're not really interested in your weird graphics, i.e. colorbars, icons, friends only banners, bizarre photoshop manipulations that scare the children, etc. It's nice that you spent all night getting the shadow of Nick's cheekbone just right, but please show it off in your own journal or elsewhere. That being said, we welcome crazy photo captions.
6. Play nice with other members! Or else the schnitzel will be angry!
7. This is not a discussion community. Photos only! We love the photo of you, your mom and Nick, but we don't want to hear about how she pinched his cheeks and then got towed away by security.

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